Bob & Mei

I had the chance to take some quick portraits of Bob and Mei dancing the Tango for their feature on VMI alumni magazine.  The kind folks at Tango Del Rey allowed us to shoot in their beautiful space. I hope to be as active as these two are when I'm their age.

Big Sur Once Again

Once again I find myself up on the California coast weaving through Highway 1. This time around I got to photograph a wedding and also wander around a different part of Big Sur. It's hard to imagine not being in awe every time I visit this place. It never gets old. A big thanks to Chaz for bringing me along. Here are a few frames of Chaz & Pfeiffer State Beach. 

The Open Road

I had the opportunity to shoot a little project with my friend Stephanie. I think it's always refreshing to work with other creative individuals. It gives us the chance to create something together on a level that is quite satisfying. We shot the beautiful Bernadine, who was kind enough to model for us. We originally had other looks and locations we wanted to try out, but my camera decided to break after this look. I managed to grab a couple right before my camera croaked. Without further ado, this is The Open Road.

Styled by Stephanie Yang // Model: Bernadine A. // Dress by freepeople


Joshua Tree

I welcomed summer by doing the opposite of what most people do... by heading east and relaxing (sweating) in the desert. My friends and I trekked around Jumbo Rocks campground, climbing rocks, and experiencing the heat throughout the whole day.  Here are a few frames from my recent trip to Joshua Tree.  I've never seen so many stars fill up the the sky. It was something special. 

(Side note: I ran out of batteries towards the end of the can imagine how bummed I was.)

California Coast

 A few weeks ago, I was asked if I wanted to head out on a road trip to Big Sur. I remember driving down Highway 1 a few years ago with some family and jotting down a reminder that I needed to come back to this magical part of California. A few years later I find myself packing my bags after short notice. We stopped by Santa Monica for the first evening and headed out to Big Sur the next day. Pictured are my friends, Chris and Alvin, who I was fortunate enough to travel with. It's always nice to travel with individuals that are up for spontaneous adventures, especially when it's 8 hours away from home.  All of the shots up until the isolated mountain on the sea are shot on film using Kodak Portra 400 / 400Tmax.  I hope to find myself in Big Sur again someday.


I got around to developing a roll that I've had for a couple of months. Lately, I've been really cheap about developing film and I end up opting for costco or some walgreens down the street. I decided to try out a pro lab. Turns makes a huge difference. Here's a couple of frames from that roll. I'm definitely going to be developing more with Indie Film lab. These are shot with a nikon fm10 + 50mm 1.8 + Portra 400 pushed 1 stopped. Enjoy the pics of friends, pups, and my lady.



I've decided to start new and to accompany my new space, I've created a shop to share my photographs with everyone. I have a print shop where postcards and prints can be purchased. If you are interested in a certain image please feel free to contact me and we can make some arrangements!


I am currently offering postcards (4x6") and large prints (12x18") of my recent trip to Japan.

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